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Article: Dive into Sustainability: Unveiling 'The BluPrint' with Blu Diamonds

Dive into Sustainability: Unveiling 'The BluPrint' with Blu Diamonds

Dive into Sustainability: Unveiling 'The BluPrint' with Blu Diamonds

Get ready to sparkle and shine with the first edition of ‘The BluPrint’! It's not just a regular newsletter – think of it as your all-access pass to the glittering world of all things diamond. As a brand deeply rooted in eco-conscious elegance, we're here to sprinkle your day with sustainable sparkle and fun diamond facts. From green tips to glittering gems, we're all about combining luxury with responsibility. Whether you're a diamond aficionado or a green warrior at heart, get ready for a dazzling, eco-friendly adventure.

So, grab your favourite reusable mug, fill it with something warm, and let's dive into the sustainable sparkle together. It's going to be a gem of a ride!


Dazzling Diaries

✨ Timeless: Celine Dion dazzled at the 2024 Grammy Awards with a necklace of over 87 carats of diamonds, complemented by a stunning 10-carat diamond ring, a 6-carat ring, and an elegant bracelet in platinum and 18k yellow gold. She was the epitome of glamour, shining bright with every sparkle. 

🤖 Robotic: Zendaya turned heads on the red carpet in a striking 1995 robot suit by Thierry Mugler, paired with a beautiful collar adorned with 381 natural diamonds and 22 sapphires, centred around an 11-carat sapphire.

🎨 Striking art: Reena Ahluwalia's painting of the Maharani of Mysore dazzles with historic gemstones and jewellery. The portrait features headgear with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, along with necklaces, bangles, and a waistband, all richly adorned with precious stones. The vibrant artwork captures the regal elegance and splendour of the Maharani.


Opulent Allure Diamond Ring:

Step into the spotlight with the Opulent Allure Diamond Ring, a fun-loving twist on luxury by Blu Diamonds! Imagine a set of 12 lab grown diamonds weighing 0.55 carats that twinkle like stars, each one cut in a brilliant round style to give your finger its own personal light show. And to top it off, it has a VS rating on clarity and FG colour range.

This isn't just a ring, it's a fashion statement wrapped in a rose/yellow/white gold band that's as trendy as it is timeless. The gold band is the ring's own red carpet, making those diamonds dazzle even more.

Whether you're dressing up for a gala or spicing up your everyday look, this ring is your go-to for a splash of sustainable elegance. It's not just a piece of jewellery; it's a conversation starter, a mood lifter, and a sparkling reminder of ethical chic. Let's bring some fun to luxury!


This or That?

a) Royal Radiance Diamond Ring
b) Eternal Allure Diamond Ring


Which of the two designs do you like?
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a) Royal Radiance Diamond Ring

b) Eternal Allure Diamond Ring



Radiencia - The Regal Collection

Dazzle and dance in the moonlight with Blu Diamonds' 'Radiencia - The Regal Collection,' where every piece is a star in the galaxy of glam! Swing those lobes with the 'Luxe Legacy Solitaire Earrings,' each winking an emerald-cut diamond like they know a little secret. Sway that neckline with the 'Eternal Radiant Trio Pendant,' a sparkling comet trail of diamonds that ends with a pear-shaped twinkler. And don't forget to jazz up those hands with the 'Celestial Brilliance Diamond Ring,' looping around your finger like Saturn's rings in a diamond disco. It's a collection that plays well together like a symphony in sparkle major - perfect for anyone ready to be the conductor of their own glittering gala!




Tale of the Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond's journey from a temple in India to a museum in Washington, D.C. is a tale of kings and thieves, luxury and mystery, and perhaps a little bit of superstition, all wrapped around a mesmerising blue gem.

From India to France: Our story begins in the tumultuous 17th century in the Golconda mines of India, where the original, much larger blue diamond was discovered. Enter Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a French gem merchant with an eye for precious stones. Around 1666, Tavernier bought the dazzling blue diamond, unaware that its rumoured curse would become as famous as its beauty. He sold this gem, known as the Tavernier Blue, to King Louis XIV of France in 1668. The Sun King, clearly not superstitious, had it recut into the dazzling 67-carat 'French Blue.' Little did he know, this gem would outlast his dynasty.

Revolution, theft, and a name change: Fast forward to the French Revolution, a time when not even royalty nor their jewels were safe. In 1792, the French Blue was stolen during the looting of the royal treasury. For two decades, it vanished into the shadows of history. It resurfaced in London in the early 19th century, slightly smaller and recut, now known as the Hope Diamond, named after the Hope family who acquired it. But as its fame grew, so did the legend of its curse, with stories of misfortune plaguing its owners, including Henry Thomas Hope and later owners.

End of the curse: Eventually, the Hope Diamond found its way to the United States. In 1949, the famous jeweller Harry Winston purchased it. Rather than keeping it locked away, he toured it around for various exhibits and charity events. Then, in a gesture of extraordinary philanthropy, Winston donated the diamond to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958, where it became a highlight exhibit, being the largest of all blue diamonds at 45.52 carats. Since its residence in the Smithsonian, the tales of the curse have faded, replaced by admiration and intrigue from millions of visitors. There, the Hope Diamond rests, its turbulent past a stark contrast to its tranquil present.



Raj Uphaar

Raj Uphaar is a heartwarming initiative that uplifts underprivileged tribal women by providing them with employment, skill training, and support in product creation. Their commitment to women's empowerment through economic independence aligns seamlessly with our sustainability goals at Blu Diamonds. Like our lab grown diamonds, Raj Uphaar's products, ranging from delicious snacks to home essentials, are crafted with love and care, ensuring that every purchase supports not just the environment but also the dreams and dignity of these incredible women.


 A word, please!

A special type of igneous rock that is the main source of diamonds. It's tucked away in Earth's mantle and is brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions.


Data dump

$97.45 billion: The value of the global diamond market in 2022.


 Heard this yet?

Diamonds are amazing at conducting heat, making them superstars in all sorts of cool, heat-sensitive gigs. But here's the twist: they're pretty much 'no-go' zones for electricity. Yep, diamonds are like the chill bouncers at the electronic club, keeping the electric current out. So, they're not only about glitz and glam; they're also nifty little insulators in our electronic world.


Carrots, Carats

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” ― Mae West

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