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A modern, mindful design studio from India,

crafting earth-friendly lab grown diamond jewellery




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We are more than just a jewellery brand; we're a company that values both artistry and commerce, acknowledging that the process is as meaningful as the result. Through our products and our community, we share stories of elegance, sustainability, and conscious choices for a brighter future.


At Blu Diamonds, our craftsmanship centers on the three Cs of a perfect diamond: Color, Cut, Carat, while upholding the timeless quality that defines us. We meticulously create lab grown diamonds to display a captivating spectrum of brightness, achieving consistency through advanced tech-first processes. Our master craftsmen blend tradition and innovation to precision-cut diamonds, unveiling their innate brilliance. With the versatility in our collection, we preserve the uniqueness and rarity of each diamond jewelry. Each edition takes inspiration from the rawness of real-life and exquisite luxury. Throughout our journey, we preserve ethical excellence, ensuring our versatility in diamonds are conflict-free and sustainably sourced. Every diamond we create embodies our commitment to perfection, ethicality, and timeless beauty, telling a story of love, passion, and authenticity in a single gem.

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Bhavin Rupani


Nirav Gosalia

Head of Marketing

Mayank Vora

Head of STrategy

Rahul Goyal

Head of Operations, India

Rohan Shah

Chief Gemologist

Harish Patel

Head of Technology

Komal Rupani

Head of Design