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Article: Unveiling The BluPrint: A Journey Through Science, Culture & Luxury

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Unveiling The BluPrint: A Journey Through Science, Culture & Luxury

In this edition of 'The BluPrint', we catch the solar eclipse halo, spot a queen in full regalia, and explore the presence of diamonds in Hindu mythology. Furthermore, to quench your shopping thirst, we profile some of the stunning collections of lab grown diamond jewellery from Blu Diamonds. Let’s begin!

Dazzling Diaries

😇 The perfect halo: On April 8, there was a total solar eclipse over North America. Just before and after the Sun was completely hidden, a tiny bit of light peeked around the Moon, sparkling like a diamond on a ring. This photo from Arkansas shows both those diamond-like flashes, along with the stunning halo of the Sun’s outer atmosphere in the dark sky.

👸 Regal tiara: Queen Letizia of Spain radiated sophistication at a state banquet in the Netherlands, wearing a royal blue silk gown with bow-accented sleeves and a pocketed skirt, cinched with a blue belt. She accessorised with a diamond tiara, statement earrings, a traditional yellow sash, and a pearl brooch, embodying effortless elegance and power dressing.

🌋 Birthplace of the best: Researchers have traced the origins of the legendary Golconda diamonds, such as the Hope Diamond and Koh-i-Noor, to a volcanic source much farther than previously thought. A study released in the Journal of Earth System Science points to the Wajrakarur kimberlite field in Andhra Pradesh as their likely birthplace, which is about 300 kilometres away from their known mining location.


Circle of Brilliance Lab Grown Diamond Ring

A Circle of Sparkle: Imagine a ring that dances with light with every flick of your finger! The Circle of Brilliance Diamond Ring does just that with its 1.44 carats of lab-grown diamonds. Encircled in a seamless band of gold, this ring features 165 sparkling diamonds that capture the essence of eternity.

Golden Base: No matter your style, this ring comes in your choice of rose, white, or yellow gold. It is perfect for personalising your signature look or matching any outfit.

Enduring Elegance: With a design that symbolises endless love and commitment, the Circle of Brilliance Ring stands out as an enduring piece of jewellery. Its continuous loop of diamonds represents unbroken and everlasting beauty, making it an ideal choice for anniversaries, engagements, or a special treat for yourself.



This or That?

a) Divinely Elegant Diamond Earrings

b) Eclat Nova Diamond Studs

Which of the two designs do you like?
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a) Divinely Elegant Diamond Earrings

b) Eclat Nova Diamond Studs


Adore - The With Love, Collection

Step into a romance novel with Blu Diamonds' 'Adore - The With Love, Collection,' where each piece whispers sweet nothings to your style sense! The 'Sublime Sparkle Diamond Earrings' hug your ears with their teardrop twinkle, like a secret love potion made of light. Swaying gently at your neck, the 'Eternal Sparkle Pendant' lays a trail of kisses in a crescendo of diamonds that mimic a lover’s tender caress. And for the grand finale, the 'Pristine Sparkle Diamond Ring' flutters onto your finger, its asymmetric starburst design like a love letter from the stars, promising eternal style. This trio is your personal Cupid's arsenal, ready to aim and fire a barrage of oohs and aahs from every admirer in the room!


Sanatana Diamonds

Diamonds, the glittering treasures coveted for their brilliance, are believed to have been first found in India’s Golconda mines. Naturally, they hold a special place within the rich tapestry of Hindu texts and mythology. But, far from being mere gemstones for opulent purposes, they are said to be imbued with celestial power, divine association, and even mystical properties in the texts of the forefathers.

Indira’s Vajra: The most prominent association of diamonds in Hindu mythology comes in the form of the vajra, the weapon wielded by Indra, the king of gods. This weapon, often depicted as a diamond-tipped thunderbolt, symbolises immense power capable of vanquishing demons and represents the destructive force of nature. The Sanskrit word for diamond itself is "vajra," which also translates to "thunderbolt," hinting at the immense energy believed to be in the diamonds.

A diamantaire’s holy book: Ancient Hindu texts not only prized diamonds but also studied them methodologically, classifying them and their subtle differences. This is seen in the composition of Varahamihira of Ujjain’s ‘Brihat Samhita’ which delves into the nature of diamonds, recognising eight distinct varieties based on their colour and origin. These variations are believed to possess unique properties, ranging from the conch-like "Hanspati" to the grassy green "Vanaspati" and the fiery "Agni Vajra," and all are said to have different uses per the wearer’s requirements. Kautilya’s ‘Arthashastra’ also hints at the diamond trade existing at the time of the Mauryan empire.

Eyes of the divine: The belief in the diamonds’ celestial connections extends to the consecration of murtis as well. Skilled artisans throughout history have often used diamonds, or materials meant to evoke the diamond's brilliance, to depict the eyes of deities. This practice imbues the divine figures with a sense of otherworldly power and wisdom, their gaze mirroring the celestial fire within the diamond itself. While most of these diamonds are now said to be lost in barbaric invasions, the once 195-carat Black Orlov diamond continues to be one such relic as it is often called the ‘Eye of the Bramha’.

Wealth and well-being: While diamonds were undoubtedly prized for their beauty and used in royal jewellery throughout kingdoms, ancient Hindu texts like Buddhabhatt’s “Ratna Pariksha” also suggest a belief in their protective properties. The Ratna Pariksha, a 4th-century treatise on gemstones, mentions diamonds warding off dangers like snake bites, thieves, and even poisonous attacks. Other than this, the Ratna Pariksha was a principal book of reference for Mauryas’ Kosadhyaksha (Superintendent of Treasury) to control the trade of pearls, diamonds and all the other important gems. It remained a key book for scholarly instruction of princes in the Karnataka region till the medieval period.

The belief in the diamonds’ mystical healing powers further elevated their status, making it a coveted possession beyond its undeniable aesthetic appeal within the sub-continent. The rich Hindu texts and mythologies reveal a deep fascination with diamonds, extending far beyond their material value. Diamonds are not just sparkling stones; they are a bridge between the earthly and the divine, a testament to the enduring human desire to capture a glimpse of the extraordinary within the ordinary. Even today, the brilliance of a diamond continues to captivate us, a dazzling reminder of the celestial fire that burns bright within these treasures from the Earth's heart.

A word, please!

Carat: A unit of weight for diamonds, where one carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams.

Data dump

117.5 million: In 2024, the global production of natural diamonds is projected to reach 117.5 million carats.

Heard this yet?

Before the discovery of diamonds in Brazil in the 1700s, India was the sole source of diamond mining in the world.

The self…
“There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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